Launch Pad Media arts is a one-stop music based clients multimedia services provider based in London UK and we have been established since 2013. We provide services to Artists, Bands, Producers, Label owners, Promoters, DJ’s, Radio stations, Actors, Models etc. We also provide multimedia services to clients in other fields of work whether they be a Small business owner, Limited company, Sole trader etc.
We pride our company on the fact that we provide services at very competitive rates and this is one of the reasons for our continued success, We also have a great turnaround time so customers are happy knowing that once they place an order with us they are not waiting long for their service to be completed.
We are very friendly and have over 30 years of wealth, expertise, knowledge and experience within our field. Our head of marketing & sales is always more than happy to speak with you over the phone or to arrange an appointment for you to see us or for him to see you to discuss your project etc.
When paying for any of our services please note that some services require payment upfront, Some only require a 50% deposit and then the balance on completion. In the case where a client is taken out regular services with us, they can then be considered for a monthly payment plan account.
A monthly payment plan account can also be considered by our marketing and sales consultant when a client needs more than one service at the same time and would find it easier to spread the cost. (Please note that this will incur an interest charge on the overall balance of your invoice.

Launch Pad Media Arts: Services that we provide as follows

  • Graphic Design & Printing: Includes flyers, booklets, posters, logo’s, business cards, tickets
  • Website Building: Basic HTML, Dynamic, E-Commerce, Online Radio station, YouTube channel, Vevo channel, Hosting, Domain names, Maintenance, Upgrading.
  • Radio music product marketing:(Singles, EP’s, Albums)
  • Studio Recording Time: Launch Pad Media Arts have built a new recording studio based in North London, Now providing clients with recording studio time, Music Production, Mixing, Mastering & More.
  • Filming / Video Services: Promotional videos, Music videos, Editing.
  • Digital Music distribution: Have your music product released on sale via our company to all the top leading music stores including Itunes & Amazon.
  • Online music product marketing: “It’s one thing having your product out in the stores but don’t forget to have the product marketed and promoted to increase public awareness and sales. We also provide this service for your video’s & general products.
  • Social Networking Packages: This service is geared towards clients who can’t keep up with the promotional and update contents of their social networking packages. We keep up with this for you (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) etc.
  • Music Publishing: Song administration, Publishing, Song placement, Synch Rights
  • Music Business Consultation: Management, Music production & Recording contract drafting, Contract points, General music industry advice.
  • The Artist & Media Super Package 1: Website, Radio marketing, Song placement.
  • The Artist & Media Super Package 2: Website, Radio marketing, Music video & Editing, Song placement.

 Please see our Media Solutions Menu at the top of the page for more information on each service