Studio Recording Time: Launch Pad Media Arts have built a new recording studio based in North London, Now providing clients with recording studio time from £20 per hour (main slots 4 hours or 8 hours, more for any hours under 4 which we reserve for quick voice-overs only / Discounts available on 8 hour bookings) Music production we have an extensive library of tracks in all genre’s and can build the client a track(s) in all genre’s (Priced via a quote), Mixing from £20 per hour. Mastering we have the most completive prices on mastering with a great turnover time and a fantastic high-end sound that matches the big tracks released by the majors & More. Musician, backing vocalists, producer, songwriter hire also available.

(Our studio hire service requires a 50% deposit to confirm your date in our diary and the balance can be paid at the end of your recording session)