Free home page demo design available to give our client an idea of how their site can look

Website Building

   Basic HTML Website,

This is an ideal website if your content is mainly based around text and still images.  Dynamic website, This is an ideal website if your content includes moving images like videos, animated logo’s (and/or) animated pictures…

  • E-Commerce Website, This is an ideal website for any client that wants to trade and sell their products online. Your clients will be able to place orders and make card payments directly to your bank account. Other websites and media, Online Radio station website, YouTube channel, Vevo channel. Other web-based services, Hosting (We provide a selection of bandwidth but we also provide unlimited bandwidth. If your site is the type that always has fresh regular content then your storage bandwidth will eventually max out, We can provide more bandwidth or unlimited) Domain names (We can purchase your domain name(s) for you if you do not have one or means to getting one. Your domain name is your website address, for example, or com. Hosting is the live publishing of your website so when people go to your site it’s there online for all to see. Maintenance/ Updating, This is a very important service (Some clients sites need updating more regular than others, With some, they might need to add updated content once a month for some its quarterly etc. This is a service that we provide you get full back up from our company so once your website has been designed and goes live you don’t have to worry as we are always there for our clients) Upgrading If you already have a website but your host provider does no longer exist or you feel that we provide a much better service then we can assist with this also.

  • (Our website design service requires a 50% deposit and the balance once the client has approved their proof design /Our domain name service requires the full payment in advance /Our hosting service can be paid monthly or yearly we offer discounts on yearly payments.  Our Maintenance/ Updating, Upgrading services require the full payment in advance. Please note that when ordering a website from us that you must provide the content: Text, Pictures, Links, Videos etc. Our marketing & sales consultant will have a form which they fill in so he knows exactly what you require, This makes everything easier for you and our designers.